About us



Who We Are

Fundación Manos Del Sur

is a non-profit organization

headquartered in Miami,

that has been providing

educational opportunities

for children in Latin America

since 1999.

Photo by: Manos Misioneras – Argentina



Our mission is to see Latin American children and youth rise from extreme poverty to grow up to become healthy and productive adults. We focus on education as a tool for success.

Manos del Sur achieves this by partnering with organizations within Latin America that devote themselves to improving the lives of children. This is accomplished through our Integrated Assistance Program (IAP) – a comprehensive system of distributing funds to assist with health, nutrition, and education.



Our vision is to be a bridge between individual and corporate contributors in the United States and organizations in Latin America that share our goal of improving children’s lives through education.

We are also to be a connector between organizations in the US and all over Latin America, sharing experience, best practices,
and solutions. We firmly believe in the synergy
of people working together.



Professionalism – within our organization and our partners 

Transparency – in the use of funds 

People-centered – everything revolves around the improvement of people’s lives. 

Cooperation – with organizations with similar values

Austerity – optimization in the use of resources 

How We Work


Manos del Sur is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that raises funds for improving the lives of vulnerable children in Latin America. The funds we raise are distributed to a broad portfolio of organizations in Latin America dedicated to creating social impact.

Manos del Sur currently has programs in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, and Peru. In the past, we have also worked in Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Program Manager

Each of the programs where we work is assigned a Program Manager who acts as the originator and leader of the program. Our staff members carefully screen the programs and organizations chosen by Manos del Sur.

All program managers are personally involved with the selected organizations and they are responsible for visiting projects, reporting the progress of programs and communicating with fund recipients.

Integral Assistance Program

Health: We focus on all aspects of successful child care, including immunization, regular medical and dental checkups, nutrition, growth and weight control, health education, and medical supplies.

Nutrition: Manos del Sur ensures that children’s basic nutritional needs are met and educates them and their families on adequate health habits.

Education: This is the key to a child’s bright future. We provide supplies and fund after-school workshops that help children with their homework.

Project Financing

Once approved by the board of directors, projects are financed through special events, the Sponsor-A-Child program, direct donations from individual contributors or companies, and foundation grants.


Control and Evaluation

Manos del Sur is provided with details of the funds spent on each program and a thorough report of all activities that were implemented.

Country managers visit the projects in their assigned country periodically to conduct an evaluation of the operation.